Find out the cause of the stiff fingers that you experience

A stiff hand is a condition that not only makes the finger suddenly difficult to move or lock in a certain position, but also feels quite painful. This is because the tendons in the thumb or fingers become inflamed. Tendons are the link between bone and muscle in the form of hard connective tissue. When the fingers are moved, the muscles and tendons in the arms and hands will stretch out or bend the fingers together. Usually, this movement can run smoothly. But in certain conditions, tendons can experience swelling and inflammation. Movements made can pull the inflamed tendons through the tendon sheath that is 'as if' narrowed, until finally making the sound 'click'. Symptoms that appear as a sign of stiff fingers can start from mild to severe symptoms. For example, the fingers are stiff in the morning, at the base of the inflamed finger there is swelling, and the fingers make a 'click' when moved. Other symptoms that may appear are the fingers suddenly loc
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